Unime is a free secure communication software that supports over 64 languages, making it suitable for use in the majority of countries, territories, and smartphone platforms.

Unime is for a smart society 5.0 where human values are at the heart, and the social form is always upgrading in accordance with unavoidable evolution.

Our Mission

Unime is a free app with basic functionality like texting, calling, sending photographs, videos, documents... like other communication apps.

However, the difference of Unime is privacy, no data collection, no advertising.

Create personalized Al Bot to help increase labor productivity and user quality of life.

Integrated digital asset storage wallet to replace traditional point wallets, allowing users to handle digital assets without the use of middlemen.

Unime does not compete with similar platforms, but rather complements them in terms of

Our Team

Unime is a product of the Uniwolrd ecosystem developed by the Unilab DAO network team since 2019.

Unilab DAO network is an organization established in 2013, members from many countries around the world such as Canada, Japan, Hungary, Singapore, Vietnam... operating under the DAO model.