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The First Truly Private Messenger is Here

Connections have always been the key to business success and life enhancement. However, it is by no means easy to manage all of the connections in one’s life. The connections between people, the connections between people and businesses, and the connections between people and the virtual assistants they use all add up. truly private messenger

UniMe was created as the first platform for connecting people, businesses, and virtual assistants with the purpose of improving the business and life experiences of those who use it. one’s focus is on improving the connections among people, businesses, and virtual assistants in the following ways:

  • UniMe helps businesses provide outstanding customer service, reduce costs, and increase revenue.
  • UniMe helps people to enhance their business and life experiences.
  • UniMe also helps virtual assistants create new connections to people and businesses, to improve their own business and life experiences.

How Does UniMe Work?

Top secure messaging, fully end-to-end encrypted and cryptocurrencies wallet payments hub


UniMe is a fully end-to-end encrypted, secure messaging app with features like wallet payments, verification, and AI. The App does not store user data.

The UniMe app is easy to use and does not require any prior technical knowledge. All you need is a quick download. A user profile is created easily.

UniMe aims to be the first secure messaging app that is encrypted on both sides of the spectrum.

UniMe’s Killer Features

With UniMe, anyone can send a message to anyone anywhere in the world, quickly and securely. Required phone numbers, no more shaky passwords, or lengthy user profiles.

UniMe supports both text and media messages. It also comes with extra functions (soon) like a built-in wallet, so you can send and receive payments. The wallet is integrated into the chat interface, so transactions are seamless.

The app also has built-in verification, so you can quickly identify other users.

UniMe is built on an instant-deletion-based type of encryption (i.e. the prior mentioned end-to-end encryption), which is the reason it’s secure and resistant to censorship. This technological approach makes UniMe one of the best in the industry — high-end military-grade.

Summary — UniMe For The Future, Society 5.0

While there are many messaging apps to choose from, none of them provide the privacy and security that users need. UniMe is the first truly encrypted messenger, meaning that it does not store the content of users’ communications in any way. This leads to better privacy for users.

If you’re looking for a messaging app with better privacy and security, with which you can securely contact friends and family, then UniMe is for you.

Download UniME world for IOS devices.

Download UniMe world for Android devices.

May 28, 2021
The Unime team

Author avatar
Daika Ginza

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