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Which Messaging Apps Respect User Privacy The Most


TikTok and Facebook Messenger are two of the most popular messaging apps, but at the same time they also track users and their behavior the most.

The data is collected for many different purposes, mostly to sell it to advertisers so they can display targeted advertising. According to the announcement posted on Phonearena , Tiktok tracks the most data among all apps, and UniMe the least.

Why It Matters

More than ever people are aware of their data fingerprints, tracking and similar. When Apple allowed users to block apps that track their activities and collect data for advertising purposes, almost everyone opted to block with only about 4% of US users choosing not to.

With the general sentiment shifting towards a more tracking-conscious public desiring not to be under surveillance, or at least not as much, the other platforms have slowly started to fall in line. When before you had to opt-out, you now have to opt-in. A choice rarely made.


By limiting what information is collected about a device’s owner and their contacts as much as possible, UniMe makes it easy for people to trust the app with their sensitive data. App developers are also less likely to violate their users’ privacy through data collection by design. Every aspect of the app’s architecture was built to not rely on conventional data collection methods. Instead, alternative methods are used that either quickly deletes essential data right after or don’t need them in the first place.

Data collected from users of UniMe.

Ultimately, UniMe is the solution to any privacy and safety concerns. No longer do Internet users have to rely on old-school chat apps that collect their data, invade their privacy, and recklessly abuse their trust. With UniMe, your data and your messages belong to you, enabling unparalleled data privacy and security.


Data collected from users of Skype.

Messaging applications have been quite popular in Vietnam for many years. 10 years ago, Microsoft bought this application and let users use it for free. At the same time, the US technology company was — and still is — not interested in collecting user data. Skype also only collects a small amount of information from users.


Data collected from users of Zoom.

The main function of the Zoom application is to make group video calls, which aligns perfectly with the current Covid-19 situation. This application also allows texting as well as any other usually available functions dominant in voice-over programs like for example Skype. According to technology experts, Zoom maintains a great safety/functionality balance to serve the application’s features.


Data collected from users of Telegram.

Telegram has been quite popular in Vietnam for the last 3 years, and is also at the top of social networking applications. Its friendly interface is easy to use thanks to its similarity to apps like Skype or Facebook Messenger. Telegram also does not collect too much data and mainly focuses on increasing the user experience.

Facebook Messenger

Data collected from users of Facebook Messenger.

Famous for collecting user data, Facebook’s messaging apps don’t shy away from collecting virtually any information possible including but not limited to location, phone number, address, device information, purchase history, financial information, and more. While this information does help the network to display the types of ads that match the user’s habits, most of the collective behavior is questionable at best.


TikTok collects a bunch of important user data.

The Chinese social networking application is now one of the most popular and dominant platforms. The main feature is video sharing, however, the app also has messaging apps capabilities.

TikTok collects a lot of user information similar to Facebook including seemingly unrelated data such as one browsing history on other platforms. Also similar to the American rival, this application has been entangled in lawsuits because it collects too much user data in order to profit from displaying ads.

May 29, 2021
The Unime team

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Daika Ginza

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